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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Family Guy Season 4... rocks!!

"damn you all... one day the world will be MINE!"

Family Guy Season 4 (15)

Disc One reviewed by Matt Adcock

I've been 'pleasure delaying' watching this... knowing it might be the last new Family Guy stuff I'll ever get but itching to watch the whole series through in one sitting cos I love it so much...

The first 4 episodes of Season 4 are excellent - packing more punch than the ever so slightly disappointing 'movie' from last year

Here are my thoughts on the first disc worth of fun:

North by North Quahog: or the one where Peter fights Mel Gibson, Christ returns in 'The Passion of the Christ 2" and it opens with a wonderful sucker punch to other cancelled shows!
DM rating (out of 5) öööö

Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High: the one where it offends my wife with over the top crude jokes, but really you just have to laugh (that's the point)...
DM rating (out of 5) ööö

Blind Ambition: the one that has an awesome take off of the ending of Star Wars: A New Hope and the best man vs chicken fight ever screened...
DM rating (out of 5) öööö

Don't Make Me Over: pick of the bunch of the first 4... super cool make over the ugly daughter, classic lines from evil baby stewie - it's Family Guy heaven!!
DM rating (out of 5) ööööö

Family Guy Game Soon

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Deven said...

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