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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ending a Movie Franchise that Has Run Its Course

"Bit old for a Hoodie?"

Mission Impossible: Ending a Movie Franchise that Has Run Its Course

Why is it that movies that lead to sequels sometimes never end, even though the artistic and dramatic arc of the storylines are already long since concluded? Don't filmmakers have the artistic integrity to let a story concept go after they have finished two or three, or certainly four treatments of the subject? Apparently not, because the cinema times are such that fear of stepping out trying original concept is so high, that the franchise list keeps going on and on and on, and on...


So we get the absurdities of Rocky V, and the recent Rocky Balboa movie, where a totally ancient Sylvester Stallone is expected to be fit enough to take up a street fight with a young fighter in his prime, or is able to fight another in their prime fighter as a nearly 60-year-old man. Didn't they kill off Jigsaw in Saw III? You'd never know it from the four grizzly sequels following his demise. Indeed, the entire James Bond franchise makes no sense, in terms of continuity. Any new agent serving around 1960, even in your 30s at that time, would be in his 80s by 2012.


Speaking of agents, as well produced as the current Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol is, doggone it, Tom Cruise is long in the tooth to be playing the part of the lead agent. He of course is a big star, that will attract people to a theater based on his being mentioned in Oxford cinema listings, but at a certain point and actor is no longer viable or credible in the role. Racquel Welch was perfect as a sex symbol in the 60s, but could she be a Sports Illustrated cover model at this point? I'm afraid to say it, Pam Anderson, but your time at the sexpot is up too, even as a cameo star in gross comedies.

"Pam - how we remember her..."

Don't even get me started about the Final Destination series, which has turned and ugly but once clever concept into a derivative bloodbath. It's The major studios need to know how to give it a rest, and step out encourage to start undoing will be series based on original concepts, not a rehashed formula or reworking of formula. This stance not only for sequels, but for re-visualizations or "re-imagination" of previous series franchises. No, it is not worth rebooting Charlie's Angels, just because you can make Bosley a black man, or one of the girls Asian. Nor should you relaunch the A-team, just because you can get Baracus to curse a lot.

Hollywood, give us something new!

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