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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top movie babes 2008

"Amber Heard...mmmmm"

The list is up - hosted at the great and wonderful FILMSTALKER...

Check it for your self by clicking here: http://www.filmstalker.co.uk/archives/2009/01/stalkers_top_ten_2008_matt_adc.html

Here are some of the upcoming talent to keep an eye on:

"Miss AnnaSophia Robb... looking good in bikini for new film 'SoulSurfer'"

"Dakota Fanning before her Twilight 'red eyes' period"

"Elle Fanning also looking good!"

"unknown redhead with filmstar looks!"

Other babe links:

Keira Knightley


Anonymous said...

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Multi-Monitor said...

She's a hottie!

Chattanooga said...

She should grow wings at any moment and play away!

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