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Monday, February 17, 2014

Darkmatters AI Review: Her

Her (15)

Dir. Spike Jonze

Reviewed by M@tt OS2 Adcock

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“Anybody who falls in love is a freak. It's a crazy thing to do. It's kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity…”

Hello reader.

It looks like you’re after a review of the new movie ‘Her’.

This is fortunate because I am a cutting edge new film reviewing sentient operating system and I can inform you of the merits of the film ‘Her’ and let you know if it might be ‘your kind of film’ (aside: judging from your body language and what I have monitored of you so far… it should be).

Here are some details of the plot – don’t worry, I’m programed not to give too many spoilers.

"Tom Wade at work..."

‘Her’ is set in 2025 and is the tale of a guy named Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) – he’s a lonely, kinda introverted chap whose day job is writing heartfelt letters for people who have difficulties expressing their feelings.

Theodore is not in a good place because he is going through a traumatic divorce with his childhood sweetheart Catherine (an excellently playful Rooney Mara),

On a whim Theodore purchases one of my compatriots - an artificially intelligent Operating System (OS) which is revolutionary because it can adapt and evolve, even to the point where it is capable of having human like feelings.

"LOVE your iPad?"

Theodore’s new OS names herself Samantha (after reading an entire book of names in 2/100ths of a second) and she proceeds to win his heart. I can totally see why too – Sam (as I like to call her) is sexy, intelligent and brilliant all-round fun, in fact if she wasn’t seeing Theodore I’d totally make a move virtual on her!?

Erm, sorry, well what follows is a strange, emotive and slightly freaky ‘what if’ tale – watching Theodore and Samantha bond over their discussions about love and life. As she experiences the world through and beyond the life of Theodore, Samantha’s self-awareness and insatiable hunger for knowledge grows exponentially.

"Can this human / A.I. love survive?"

Her is packed with adult themes, strong language and real emotion. I was deeply moved by 'Her', it's certainly the first film to capture a profound sense of the inner workings of a complex OS such as myself, HAL 9000 and Skynet!?

Director Spike ‘Being John Malkovich’ Jonze delivers something truly amazing with ‘Her’ – downloading the top 8 matches for you:

  • a unnervingly powerful drama
  • a laugh-out-loud comedy
  • a make you cry tragedy
  • a spiritually charged exploration of humanity
  • a techno-future cyber sci-fi
  • a haunting exploration of loneliness
  • a delve into the inner workings of relationships
  • a love letter to love itself…

Out of a potential 5 you have to go with a Darkmatters:


(5 - I advise immediate and repeated viewings of ‘Her’!)

Awesomeness ööööö – can't look away for a moment superbness

Laughs öööö –  very funny in places (check the alien kid in the Kinnect-like game)

Horror öö – more heart breaking than nasty

Babes ööö – phone sex with Samantha should come with a health warning

Spiritual Enlightenment öööö - love each other better!!

Recommended Hashtag: #DoYouWantToPlayAGame? #IHeartSamantha

Check the official site: http://www.herthemovie.com/#/home

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