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Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh man... going to finally meet Keira Knightley!!

"er, why hello Keira, can I just say how 'hot' you are?"

Thought it couldn't get any better when the Bruce Willis press meeting invite came through... Indeed Richard from FILMSTALKER even asked "where do you go from here?"

But at the start of this year a enquired: "If you could meet / interview any two film stars this year who would you choose?"

I replied: "Bruce Willis - top choice for male actor (he's just the coolest)
and Keira Knightley for female actress (because she's so gorgeous and seems to be a top bird all round)"

Later today I'm meeting Bruce in London as he goes 'Over The Hedge' and thanks to the wonderful people over at BUENA VISTA INTERNATIONAL in two weeks will be meeting Keira as she buckles her swash for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest... Oh and some guy named Johnny Depp will be there too.

"Keira bends over backwards to make a good impression"

"Miss Knightley wondering what to wear to the Press Conference?"

Keira is FHM's Sexiest Woman 2006



Carl V. Anderson said...

The words "I'm jealous" doesn't adequately convey the way I feel. I'm happy for you though and look forward to reading about it!

Anonymous said...

Keira might like you a bit more if you spelled her name correctly.

Matt Adcock said...

Thank you!! Over excitement is the root of many evils... typos being just one!

Anonymous said...

Oh Matt, once again I am filled with jealousy...Don't get all embarassed and, as we would say, take a beamer!

Anonymous said...

Keira Knightly!? You lucky b***ard. I think I would be just tongue tied and would ask lame questions like, "so how is it to work with Johnny Depp?"

But I would rather know what is her favortive beer, and whether she's attracted to thinning haired American men who could stand to lose 5 or 10lbs.

Bina007 said...

I would avoid all the obvious PR crap - you know, that teen magazine stuff: "How was it to kiss Johnny Depp", *gush*. Ask her if she is happy with blockbusters or whether she has any projects with auteurs coming up, pace Christian Bale. Ask her whether she felt humbled by the Oscar nom? (She should've been - she is a great charismatic pretty actress but we have yet to see her flex her acting chops). Is she worried she'll become the new generation Judi Dench - nominated for everything as the token Brit regardless of quality? Ask her if she's contemplating going back to college like Claire Danes, Anna Paquin etc - and whether she has close friends of her own age....Ask her if she felt like a bit of a sell-out getting those hair extensions after Domino - she always goes on about how she doesn't care she has small tits and is against plastic surgery. Seems to me she is not above conforming to Hollywood stereotypes of beauty in other ways.