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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Matt Adcock Meets Keira Knightley


Matt Adcock Meets Keira Knightley

It’s a sweltering July day and I’m struggling to keep my cool. Suddenly it gets even hotter as in sweeps the woman voted FHM magazine’s ‘Sexiest Woman in the World 2006’ and she looks absolutely stunning in a wicked little black dress. Starring again as feisty heroine Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – Keira Knightley is obviously delighted that she’s had the chance to bring the character back:

“I’ve never made a sequel before and what’s nice about this movie is that the characters have evolved. Elizabeth becomes a woman on a mission this time and there are some nice undertones to her relationship with Will (Orlando Bloom), as well as to Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)… which grows to into something very interesting!”

Yes, don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I felt it had echoes of Han and Leia from Star Wars for me. So was it weird picking up the character again?

“What was weird was trying to give her continuality from the Elizabeth Swann I played when I was 17. We took her off in a more ‘grungy’ direction this time and made her grow up too.”

And you get to do some more sword action this time – like taking on a hoard of mutant pirates… did you enjoy that?

“It was great! I wanted to do as much action as possible, because it gets boring watching someone else doing all your moves otherwise. Apparently the audience really liked the action side of Elizabeth from the first film – that was what little girls especially responded to. So they decided to take her off on that vibe and I had a personal fight trainer which was good but fighting in 35degree heat isn’t fun.”

What about acting with a massive computer generated sea monster?

“I just spent the entire time pretending that it was tentacles everywhere, and the director was running around going, 'I'm a tentacle, I'm a tentacle.' It takes a little bit of an imagination; I had no idea what it was going to look like.”

And how did you keep a straight face acting opposite Johnny Depp in his full on Captain Sparrow mode?

“Basically you just had to ignore him and not look at him. He was nice though and didn’t put you off too much. The crew though were standing around with tears running down their faces because they were desperately trying to keep it in. I think there will be lots of material for outtakes on a ‘gag reel’ because everyone was wetting themselves.”

And with that she’s gone, and I’m left wondering why I didn’t get to ask her anything more meaningful. But picking my jaw up off the floor, all I can do is hope that I maybe get to meet her again when she returns for the final part of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy next year?

"No Keira , for the last time - your bum does not look big in that dress..."

"Keira keeps cool at the Dead Man's Chest London premier"

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Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful woman.

ZZ Staff said...

That chest is far from dead !!!

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