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Friday, September 15, 2006

Matt gets KILLERS tickets... Wife very pleased

"you want the goat or the model? we cater for all tastes"

Oh yes... Even though I was still in a state of shock from having seen Robbie Williams and Basement Jaxx live last night (good stuff - highlights included 'where's your head at' and 'sin sin sin'), and trying to come to terms with the joy of Spurs winning in Europe (however short lived that might prove to be - cos I think we'll either struggle in the group stages or win the UEFA Cup this year!?). I still should have realised that today was the day that The Killers London dates tickets went on sale but it was like 10.30am before a work colleague tipped me off.
Cue panic, frantic phoning / searching of ticket agencies and websites and after many a 'sorry mate they sold out an hour ago' responses I finally found a pair of sexy Brixton Academy tickets for their opening London night for a non too bankruptcy inducing sum...

Now roll on the 26Nov!!


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