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Friday, December 29, 2006

Film Review: Eragon

Film reviewers are getting younger all the time – this review is by Adcock junior…

Eragon Review
By Luke Adcock (aged 9)

I saw Eragon with my dad and I thought it was brilliant. I think my favourite character was Eragon (played by Edward Speleers) because he is talented with the sword and skilful with the bow. My least favourite character was Durza (Played by Robert Carlyle) although he had some impressive magic. Eragon’s mentor ‘Brom’ (Played by Jeremy Irons) was a bit doubtful in Eragon at first because Eragon got over-confident and didn’t really trust Brom himself. The climax is a huge, deadly battle between the Varden – the good guys and the evil king Galbatorix’s (Played by John Malkovich) out-numbering evil creatures. It was really exciting and fun to watch! Another great part is when during the great battle Durza uses dark magic to create a monster made out of shadow and battles Eragon. The effects of Durza’s death were wicked with sparks flying everywhere. Saphira (Eragon’s dragon voiced by Rachel Weisz) was really cool and it looked real, the scales and everything! She was extremely fast and was very good at flying. She was another of my favourite characters and she looked good. Although Saphira looks cute as a young dragon, she grows to an immense height and length, at least two times Eragon’s height and 3 times his length. One of the main baddies is the shade, Durza, he has a dark poison in his nails that he actually uses to kill one of his own army and he poisons the beautiful Arya, (Played by Sienna Guillory) an elf and princess of Ellesméra. My 3rd favourite character is Murtagh (Played by Garrett Hedlund) because he is fantastic with the bow and the sword, including the fact that he is an overall brilliant fighter. Plus he saves Eragon’s life twice! Although he does look like a dark character with his deep black hair and black eyes, he is actually good. The enemy assassins were freaky especially the ‘Ra’zac’ because its face was crawling with beetles!
My thoughts about Eragon aren’t like many other peoples that I have read because I have only positive comments. I would definitely give Eragon four and a half out of five stars because it is a great thriller and adventure in one. Even though some people thought that it was weak or that it wasn’t that good, I completely disagree because I really enjoyed it. The Overall I think Stefen Fangmeier (The director) has done a fantastic job and I’m reading ‘Eldest’ (The 2nd book after ‘Eragon’) by Christopher Paolini at this moment. I hope they make a film of it one day!

Luke's rating: ****1/2 (out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

Great review Luke, you write very well just like your father.