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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heavenly Sword - review

"nice sword, nice bum too..."

Heavenly Sword (PS3)

Ninja Theory

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

What do you get if you give an underwear model a divine massive sword - so blood hungry that together their antics will become legend? The answer is a game that delivers a furious battle simulator that even makes the God of War games look a bit timid in comparison. You might have seen Heavenly Sword being played in the cool TV series ‘Heroes’, or just be curious to find out for yourself if this flagship PS3 exclusive title is a reason to invest in Sony’s black box of high definition gaming love… Prepare yourself for graphics that will make you gasp out loud, jaw dropping carnage that will take your breath away and a fiery red-haired heroine who sets new standards of dishing out punishment whilst wearing a clingy skimpy outfit. Yes, Heavenly Sword’s Nariko is gorgeous, with curves rendered so well that she makes Laura Croft look a bit minging, but don’t let her foxy looks fool you, she packs a very serious punch!

"not many women look hot splattered with blood... Nariko pulls it off"

But here, like in life, a good-looking woman is nothing without a decent combat system (just ask my wife). Thankfully, Heavenly Sword is blessed with wonderful fighting mechanics that will see you cutting a swath through thousands of enemies – each attacking you with razor sharp A.I. The combat is all the more grin inducing and supremely satisfying because it combines a nicely balanced variety of attacks with nifty countering techniques giving it a delicious ‘easy to pick up, but challenging to master’ quality. As you progress, you’ll unlock a lot of tasty combo moves, which will enable you to perform truly spectacular kills. Using your three possible 'stances' - Speed, Range and Power – which you switched using the shoulder buttons, you can block enemy attacks and counter them with finishing moves. It works a treat and is very addictive.There’s no denying that pure Hollywood style production values and sheer bloodlust sating action make this stand out from anything else available on any console thus far. Plus there is extensive quality voice acting, and it all shines in it’s stunning high definition visuals. There’s very little not to love here, but if you really want me to knock something you might feel that you’ve romped through it all a bit too quickly and because the swordplay is so compelling, the shooting levels can leave you itching to get your sword out again?

Don’t be a wuss, Heavenly Sword is the very definition of a ‘must buy’ game – you need it in your life!!

"Heavenly pout!!"

Overall ööööö (pretty damn perfect)

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