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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Darkmatters review: Gravity Crash

Gravity Crash (PS3 exclusive - download from PSN)

Developed by: Just Add Water

Reviewed by Matt 'Cleric20' Adcock

Gravity Crash takes a classic ‘old school’ space shooter premise (I’m talking vintage arcade shoot 'em up gameplay) and fuses it with some stunning next generation visuals. The result is a wicked little game which sees you having to navigate open space, evil twisting tunnels, submerged underwater caverns and all manner of other hazardous environments in your trusty spaceship…

Objectives range from destroying enemy gun emplacements and baddie spaceship, collecting artefacts and power-ups and saving stranded crewmen. It’s compulsive and exciting twitch-based gameplay where a steady hand is just as important as a keen aim – there are two control methods on offer, either dual stick or ‘classic’ point n shoot. It takes a little while to master the controls, after trying both I’m going for the dual stick method but it’s lovely to have both options.

There are a good range of levels over the 30 initial planets to explore, each with varying challenges and goals, and glossed with psychedelic wireframe visuals using advanced special effects. What special effects you ask? Well try heat haze, refraction, blurs and laser blinks – the art style is highly engaging to the eyeballs and tugs on the nostalgia factor of those many many 10p’s spent in arcades in the ‘80s.

Best of all though is the fact that there is a comprehensive level editor mode – which is easy to use and intuitive. The user generated content is already stacking up nicely demonstrating the imagination of PS3 games know few bounds. In fact the PS3 is the undoubted home of user creation on consoles with Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, Buzz Quiz Unreal Tournament III and now this…It’s also highly possible that there will be Gravity Crash downloadable content in the future which could add new features to the creation function.

"pretty colours mask cruel cosmic death"

Gravity Crash is a great game – and worthy of your attention. It might not have the edge against the even more brilliant Pixel Junk Shooter but the level creation element makes this a ‘must buy’ for space shooter fans anyway!

Darkmatters final rating / out of 10: öööööööö (8 – buy it, play it, love it)


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