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Monday, August 16, 2010

PS3 High Stakes: Poker Edition, Add-on 3 years later!

PS3 High Stakes: Poker Edition, Add-on 3 years later!

Was it worth the wait?

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last 3
years here's a little update regarding Coresofts High
stakes poker on the PS3. Yes it was the first PS3 exclusive poker game
that came out in 2007, available through download on the PS3 Store. No
you can't play poker
for money using this game, but it's still fun. How did it
play? Well... like real online poker
but without the need for cash. However, back in 2007 the game was
missing some features that have been included in the 3 year-later update.

So what's included in the update?

Straight off the bat they've added 30 trophies to the game, meaning
you can show your friends just how good you are. Also included eight
extra languages for the US edition, this allows the player to select
games by language or region.

New modes include, Double-Flop Hold'em, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw,
Five-Card Triple Draw, and Five-Card Stud, this adds 15 additional
trophies up for grabs.

For fans of poker with a PS3 we could definitely recommend this game
and the add-on.
If you don't have the original and wanna check it out it's only $13
(that's including the add-on). So go on treat yourself or a friend.

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