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Monday, November 18, 2013

PS4 takes London... UK Countdown

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Darkmatters PS4 countdown to the UK launch...

Matt Adcock

After seeing the US blow the doors off the whole console launch thing with over a million PS4's being sold in one day - we're now fast approaching the UK (and wider Euro) launch. LINK

Nice to see SONY lighting up the London sky with their iconic PlayStation controller symbols on teh OXO tower! Also interesting to see England's future king tipping the PS4 as the console of choice: HRH wants a PS4

If you've not already checked the awesome '4 The Players' videos then do WATCH THEM HERE

Here's the UK TV advert which is packed full of PlayStation Easter Eggs:

Plus you should really check out this SIZZLE vid which includes taster footage from The Order, inFAMOUS Second Son, Drive Club, Kingdom Hearts, War Thunder, War Frame, AC4, Killzone Shadowfall, Knack, Elder Scrolls Online and more...

Later this week Darkmatters will be attending an cool screening of our favourite movie DRIVE at the awesome Den of Geek's Need for Speed: Rivals launch party!

G R E A T N E S S   A W A I T S   (but we won't have to wait for much longer)!!

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