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Monday, February 19, 2007

PS3 sales figures - impressive!?

"The PS3 might be expensive - but it's selling!"

There's been so much doom and gloom mongering about the PS3 launch(es) that I thought I'd have a quick look at how the numbers sold so far stack up against previous console launches... I was expecting to see it lagging behind but with the exception of the lovely Wii (can't wait for ours - it is ETA April for my son's 10th Birthday) which is selling like some seriously tasty hot cakes - I'll be sitting on a non vibrating SixAxis controller if the PS3 numbers so far aren't actually looking pretty good...

Is going to be a great year for game fans whichever system(s) you own...

e.g. (all data taken from

- PS3's sold in Japan to end of Jan 668,250
(almost) double the number of 360's sold in Japan to date 345,500

- PS3 American sales after two months 780,500
the PS2 sales after two months 683,000

- Digging a little further, it also looks like the 360 is still behind where the original Xbox was at the same timepoint in total number of sales...

Interesting stuff - here's the current global picture:

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Looking forward to the Euro PS3 launch

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