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Saturday, February 17, 2007

PS3 - yes please!!

"is this the prototype PS4..."

It is cracking me up reading all the anti Sony web buzz at the moment - so many people moaning about the price, complaining and bitching all day long on the forums and message boards...

I for one am still absolutely stoked at the prospect of getting my PS3 next month - so inspired in fact that I've set myself the target of finishing my novel before it arrives.

What will I be playing on day one?

Motor Storm: there's nothing like this out there on any other console

Resistance: Fall Of Man... 40 player deathmatches in destructable English towns? yes please!

Tiger Woods 2007: Am very curious about the Six-Axis controller 'tilt to spin the ball control'

Full Auto 2: Battlelines - this is picking up decent review scores having been improved on the 360 version

Will probably download FLOW and Grand Turismo HD too...

"this chap is the War Devil... next gen for sure"

Then there's LAIR, Mercenaries 2, WarDevil and Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots to look forward to (which are PS3 only at the moment).

Mmmmmm - I'll get back to the novel now, but if you want to check out some more very cool artwork by an old schoolfriend of mine - Lee Davies (the guy who did the robot above) click here:

Cool Gallery

Earlier post about Lee's cool artwork:
Lee Davies does George Bush


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