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Monday, August 25, 2008

Matt is home (Beta)

Matt has gone 'home'

As a big PS3 fan (with a growing Trophy habit) I was very very pleased to find an invite to be one of the chosen few UK asked to participate in the fabled second life style game interface 'home'...

Sworn to secrey lest Sony's assassins find and kill me - I will just say that from what I've experienced so far, 'home' is going to change the face of console gaming as we know it...

It's slick, it's cool and it is getting ever nearer release - if you've got or are thinking of getting a PS3, get excited because 'home' is going to seriously enhance your experience - forget the Wii Miis or the cartoony new Xbox 360 dashboard avatars... Sony are the daddy and soon we'll all be going home...

More on this when I'm allowed to say!?


Here's my mate Mike (dressed as Indiana Jones, chatting to Alan from Modern Toss about 'home'):



Filmstalker said...

Oh you lucky man...I'm glad that someone in the UK is being included in this at the moment because there have been a few developments on the PS3 that have started to be US only.

There's the online profile thing and the video store, and the blog chat doesn't address the fact that they're going US only on these things.

Anonymous said...

You lucky sod Matt! I was so hoping one of these invites would land in my inbox but it's not to be it seems. :(

Still, it isn't that long until the supposed Public Beta starts - October I believe?

As for the Video Store we're meant to be getting it some time in 2009 and you can sign up for the online profile even though you are in the UK. And seeing as the "official UK homepage" on the PS3 browser now redirects to the US site I think they might be moving to a unified global network - maybe! ;)

And don't forget we in the UK are getting that music streaming service before the US. And I'm sure I read about something else that was coming to the EU before US but I can't remember what.....*shrug*

Anyway, have fun in Home Matt, I'll see you there when it's opened to us lowly unfortunates. :)

Filmstalker said...

Yeah but it's so confusing as to what to do - I was going to sign up to the profile and was scared off by a big warning about how it was US only and it couldn't be undone, etc, etc.

Add to that when I asked about it on their blog I was ignored. The instructions about what is for which group is all a bit confusing.

For a worldwide network and organisation they don't have a thought through approach to this and it seems rather messy.

I hope they do sort it out and every region gets the same systems without any user confusion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know what you mean, but it doesn't really do much apart from enable you to see who on your friend list is online when you're not near to your PS3 - big whoop! ;)

But it's like being able to create an account on the PS3 to access the US & Japanese stores - probably not meant to do it but they haven't blocked it (well, apart from the video store anyway).