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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terminator Salvation Game Review PS3

Terminator Salvation
Played on PS3

Developer: Grin / Evolved Games
Reviewed by Matt Adcock

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“Come with me if you want to live (press x)... Now shoot that robot (press R1)… Now come with me if you want to live (press x)… Now shoot that robot (press R1)…” repeat…

The Terminator has seen four major films, a TV series and lots of mediocre videogame adaptations… and now lumbering into view comes Terminator Salvation – the film based loosely around the latest of the films.

Now I’m a fan of the movies (even had some time for part 3) and I really liked the TV show… but I’ve also played most of the videogames so I knew not to get too excited in advance of this new one.

So with my expectations set to ‘it’s gonna suck ass’ I ventured into this post Judgment Day action game looking for terminator exterminating thrills…

Terminator Salvation doesn’t start well, you immediately feel that the game has been rushed out to hit at the same time as the film – and even then it stands out as weak compared to the heavy-duty quality title hitting the PS3 this year such as Killzone 2 or infamous… But after three fairly annoying and slogging levels something weird happened to me, I began to enjoy this for what it was - a repetitive and predictable ‘old school’ shooter.

Sure it’s as on rails as a freight train but there is a odd sense of satisfaction at beating some of the harder levels – and for trophy hunters out there, Terminator Salvation is an absolute gift… every one of the eight levels will give you GOLD TROPHY – and that actually makes it really worth a play through.

Graphically we’re not talking anything special here, staple ravaged city streets and blasted buildings, useful trashed cars and walls for the clunky cover system… The PS3 version supports 720p and some of the special effects look good, but this ain’t gonna win any awrds for pushing the boundaries.

Game play works ok as long as you’re not demanding of slickness or intolerant of unforgivable loading times (despite an install – WTF!?) – best if you have  a pal to co-op with as there are lots of moments when the computer buddy A.I. will leave you shouting at the screen to help you flank an annoying terminator or two…

There are only a limited number of enemy types, and each has a signature take down style, pick of the bunch must be the T600s who are hard as nails, I was kinda hoping for a T800 in there somewhere but so dice. Some of the new baddies from the movie are fun to battle like the transformer alike motorbikes which form one of the several vehicle chase / shoot levels.

My favourite level is where you get to control of another of the transformer knock off types – the giant Termigantinator stomper robot which allows you to put some smackdown on Skynet HQ. That and the lovely ‘ca-ching’ of another gold trophy popping up on the screen!

Darkmatters final rating of: öööööö (6 - if you wanna shoot Terminators on the PS3 this is your best bet) 

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