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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Darkmatters - Franks for the Reviews

It's a busy time of year - lots of DVD and Blu-ray product hitting the shops...

But which are worthy of your hard earned cash?

This is when you need reviews...  reviews from Matt Adcock and so that's what I've been doing for my lovely friendly monkey pals over at: Frank The Monkey

Here are the latest picks:

Russell Brand – Scandalous

Love him or hate him Russell Brand is a crowd divider. New DVD Scandalous sees him using stand to address the larger than life recent events – in particular the aftermath of his hosting a turbulent MTV Music Awards and the massive public backlash following the infamous Sachs-gate ‘indiscretion’.

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‘Blandslam’ might have been a better title as this film limps along to the almost pleasing finale.

If you have a dream
and if that dream is to make it as a band…
welcome to Bandslam

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Seriously Ultimate Edition

It’s 1974 and the world is lovely place… What could be nicer than a quiet summer drive through rural Texas with a few of your buddies? See the sights, meet a few locals, end up beside yourself – erm literally...

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Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – Diamond Edition

Come with me into a twisted world where a hot young princess is sent into the woods by her evil stepmother with a huntsman – who has been hired to kill her...

It’s true when they say “they don’t make em like the used to.”

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Rubbernecking has never been so good as in ITV’s excellent 5 part mini series which takes a massive car accident as the linking factor in the lives (and deaths) of a mixed bunch of characters. 

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It’s slick and mildly saucy, the women look good and act badly...


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