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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Have a very Zavvi Christmas!!

Have a very Zavvi Christmas!!

This festive season entertainment specialist Zavvi.com will make your Christmas shopping even easier as it offers you the best in music, film, games, electronics, books and a host of other categories at the best prices.

In the run up to Christmas 2009 Zavvi.com are offering customers the chance to benefit from further ‘Deals of the Day’ and, with free delivery on all items, offer customers a reliable, low cost and stress-free alternative to the high street.

To see the rest of Zavvi.com’s extensive range of products available, please visit www.zavvi.com

Under £10:

Gifts for Him…

Muse – The Resistance

Fronted by one of the most distinctive voices in modern music, Matt Bellamy, alternative rock giants Muse return with their most orchestral album to date, The Resistance.

Zavvi.com price - £8.95 (RRP £16.99)

Rocky: The Heavyweight Collection

Now, the Best Picture Oscar-winning (1976) original and its equally powerful and action packed successors are presented with their best-ever picture and sound in The Heavyweight Collection. Rocky Balboa is an unlikely winner. At the outset, he's a second-rate boxer whose trainer has given up on him. That all changes when he "goes the distance" with the reigning champ! In the ensuing saga, Rocky battles the toughest of the tough and weathers even harder bouts outside the ring. With its riveting fight sequences and stirring performances, these six films tell the awe inspiring story of one hero's unforgettable journey.

Zavvi.com price - £9.75 (RRP £48.99)

For Crying Out Loud! Jeremy Clarkson

For anyone who's ever been driven to wonder just what is the matter with people these days, "For Crying Out Loud" is the perfect riposte. Surprising, fearless and always laugh-out-loud funny, Clarkson's back and he's got a point.

Zavvi.com price - £5.00 (RRP £7.99)

  Gifts for Her…

Twilight Double Disc DVD

TWILIGHT, based on the acclaimed novel by Stephenie Meyer, is the highly-anticipated movie of the ultimate forbidden love affair between a vampire and mortal. Boasting a whole host of bright young talent including Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Kristen Stewart (Into The Wild, What Just Happened) and Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down, The O.C.), the screenplay is written by Melissa Rosenberg (Step Up, The O.C.) and directed by the Award-winning filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke (Lords of Dogtown, Thirteen).

Zavvi.com price £9.95 (RRP £22.99)

Mind Body and Soul: Nutrition Matters Nintendo DS

Nutrition Matters offers users the ability to track their net calorie gains and losses through exercise and dieting. A simple and accessible tracking mechanism monitors both calorific burn through daily activity and food intake through an extensive nutrition database. It's the fun way to stay healthy on the move!

Zavvi.com price - £8.95 (RRP £22.95)

It's Not Me, It's You Lily Allen

The outspoken mockney popstrel Lily Allen's debut album, 'Alright Still', established her as the voice of a new breed of young person, and the long-awaited follow-up 'It's Not Me It's You' is full of similarly zeitgeist-inflected tunes. The first single, 'The Fear', is somewhat heavier in tone than previous singles such as 'LDN' and 'Smile', and sees Allen dealing with notions of modern celebrity, a theme that continually crops up on the album. Allen also confronts political issues on this markedly more adult album than its predecessor, perhaps intentionally preparing a more mature image for the future.

Zavvi.com price £8.95 (RRP £15.29)

You know you want to!!

check these facts...

Zavvi.com offer FREE delivery on all items
- Items are shipped from the Channel Islands offering significant tax
savings e.g.
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for PS3
Play.com Price = £44.99
Amazon Price = £39.70
Zavvi.com Price =  £38.95

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