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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Darkmatters Review: Cracks

Cracks (15)

Dir. Jordan Scott

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Cracks is a 1930’s set schoolgirl bitch-em-up which takes place in a remote all-girl boarding school. Eva Green is Miss G, alpha female teacher who is idolised by her favourite bunch of pupils – Di (Juno Temple), Poppy (Imogen Poots), Fuzzy (Clemmie Dugdale), who form the heart of her diving team. All is jolly hockey sticks for the girls as they clique together and talk about school, boys, Miss G’s lovers etc… Then one day a rich Spanish aristocrat saunters into their lives in the shapely form of Fiamma (Maria Valverde). Her arrival is like pink swimsuited hand-grenade that ‘cracks’ the group and turns Miss G’s head.

"Maria Valverde - wears a good swimsuit"

Shot in a dreamy crisp visual style that bodes well for director Scott’s film career (with a dad like Ridley Scott you can’t be that surprised I guess), there is a wonderful look about the film which sucks you in and stays with you long after the credits roll. The atmosphere is charged with erotic sighing, so when Miss G and Fiamma get some extra curricular activities going – there is hysteria and violence not far behind.

"sunbathing club was a popular option..."

Overall Cracks does what it sets out to do – balancing the midnight feasts, boarding school bullying and the climactic ‘Lord of the Flies’ elements well. Eva Green leads the cast well and sizzles as Miss G but Valverde is excellent too – and is set to become an iconic cinema babe, oozing bewitching sexuality from every pore.

Darkmatters rating: ööööööö (7 naughty schoolgirls out of 10) 

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"Maria Valverde - set to be a big screen babe"

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