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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sexism in Games vs Hypocrisy

OK in games, not so much in real life?

Matt Adcock

This week saw video game developers showing off their latest games / announcements at PAX - see the new trailer for Mortal Kombat VITA below for an e.g.:

And while you're wondering why they didn't pick any of the male characters to promote the game you can be sure that as long as there are game geeks to sell to - there will be girls hired to 'be' the video game characters on the booths / or just stand around looking sexy to promote the game and attract the gamers to their stand...

Jessica Nigri was at PAX to 'be' the character from the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw - wearing the outlandish costumes from the game:

"cheerleader + chainsaw + zombies =??"

Objectified as a cliched male fantasy cheerleader was deemed OK... But Nigiri’s next outfit was allegedly too provocative and too revealing for the PAX organisers and she was asked to change (even though it is the exact costume worn in the game which was still being promoted to all at the show see below)...

"not acceptable in real life..."

You know - it might be better for the organisers to promote games that don't actually have sexist material in them?

Or how about have some age restricted booths which only allow access to those old enough to play the games?

Cosplay is alive and well though - can you spot which of these 2 are blokes?

"Poison 1"

"Poison 2"

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