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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Darkmatters Top 5 Casino Scenes in Movies

Darkmatters Top 5 Casino Scenes in Movies

Casinos have featured in very many movies throughout cinematic history.

Here is our pick of five of the best.


The movie 21 comes first in our list not so much because it is a great movie, in fact it is not one, but because it is very informative and if you enjoy gambling then you will surely find it compelling. It is crammed with intriguing casino scenes that show a group of card counters beat the casinos at blackjack, something that we all enjoy.


The Martin Scorsese directed movie Casino starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci is also very interesting in that it is based on real life events from the days when the mob controlled the Las Vegas casinos, but in contrast to 21 it is also a great movie, and probably the greatest movie of its genre ever made. Pick any casino scene – they are all done to perfection.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is typical James Bond and reasonably entertaining. Daniel Craig makes a reasonable Bond, but he needs to improve his poker. Anybody can win with the best possible hand, and that is what he did in the climactic scene when he was heads up with the film’s bĂȘte noir. Casino scenes in Bond do have a special charm and have certainly left their mark on the gambling world – even online casinos like http://www.ipadcasino.co.nz are trying to get in on a bit of Bond’s success by introducing slots games based around his legacy, namely ‘Agent Jane Blonde’.

Rain Man

Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man) is an autistic savant and the perfect character for Dustin Hoffman’s special form of method acting. Tom Cruise as his brother Charlie is also well cast as the somewhat exploitive manipulator. Charlie discovers Raymond’s remarkable card counting skills and whisks him off to Las Vegas and some hands of highly successful and lucrative blackjack.

Indecent Proposal

Admittedly not the greatest movie, but the casino scene in which Demi Moore kisses the dice before throwing them is worth watching. The movie was a huge box office success grossing over $265 million, which is more than many people win in casinos!?

Let us know your top Casino movie scenes - oh and while you're thinking - because it's a super-hero blowout this year...

How about Taylor Swift as Supergirl?

1 comment:

Josh Lyons said...

Nice list. All very nice choices. I did indeed find 21 to be compelling.

One suggestion I would make is Rounders. Not a lot of actual casino action in there but plenty of poker. And does include one entertaining casino scene.

Could also pick at least a couple scenes from Ocean's Eleven.