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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (15)
Dir. Scott Derrickson

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Do you believe in God? OK, how about the Devil? As Emily Rose writes in a letter “Some people say that ‘God is dead’, but how can they believe that when I show them the Devil?” and whatever your beliefs or lack of, The Exorcism of Emily Rose – which is based on real events - will make you reassess where you stand on the whole God/Devil question.

If you’ve seen the trailer for The Exorcism of Emily Rose, it wouldn’t be unfair to be expecting something like a remake of ‘The Exorcist’ with added court scenes. Also as it was directed by Scott Derrickson, the chap who made the straight to video: ‘Hellraiser part V: Inferno’, you might see Emily Rose as a dumb, cash in, shock-a-thon. I’m pleased to say that this is not the case.

The good news is that to enjoy this film you don't need to know much about the real Emily’s life story, medical science, exorcism, or even the Bible. This is a powerful and well crafted film that I would happily recommend to priests and pagans alike – as long as you’re not of an overly nervous disposition…
Derrickson said in a recent interview: “I don’t care what you believe, There are questions that everybody has to reckon with. Audiences need a way to face their fears, and culturally, we are as afraid as ever.” With Emily Rose he has managed to make a film that works both as a thinking person’s horror movie and a credible homage to the age old battle between the forces of light and darkness – played out in a courtroom. The novel central gambit is the trial of Father Moore (Tom Wilkinson), accused of negligent homicide because Emily Rose died shortly after the priest’s failed ‘exorcism’. What I liked best about the film is that it lets you make up your own mind as to whether Emily was possessed by demons, or rather suffered from ‘psychotic epilepsy’. Emily's story is told in evidence as flashbacks and it is mostly in these moments that the scares come, but be warned there are some good ones!

Emily Rose has already gone down well in the US where it posted the third-biggest September box office opening ever of over $30million. I dare you to go and see her yourself, but remember as Father Moore tells his agnostic attorney, “Demons exist whether you believe in them or not.”

Darkmatt Rating: öööö (The power of Christ compels you - to see this film!!)

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sonoftheprodigal said...

saw it too. pretty scary, huh?

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