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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Game Review: Fired Up PSP

PSP: Fired Up

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Die scum, die die die… Arrgghhh – eat my shiny guided missile dirtbag… Aha hah ha like that did you? Liked that machine gun in the head as I pushed your humvee into a ditch? Well there’s plenty more where that came from…

Oh Hi, sorry about that, - just been playing FIRED UP on the sexy little PSP. Is Fired Up any good? In a word ‘yes’ if what you’re looking for is a shallow blast em up with cool graphics and tons of playability.

It might not have the depth of GTA: Liberty City Stories or the sheer replayability of Lumines but if you have an itching to take on your friends in vehicle combat free for all, this could be you game of choice.

The single player is fun but gets repetitive quickly, the multiplayer is great fun too. If you see this discounted over the Christmas holidays then pick it up, otherwise definitely worth renting for few days – by which time you’ll either need to have it on your shelf or will have been gratified enough by it’s immediate pick up and blow the crap out of everything gameplay.

Darkmatt Rating: ööö (Fun blowing stuff up - great multiplayer!)

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"Fired up - about as sexy as Holly Valance"

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