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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Desperate Housewives series 2... nice to see you!!

"Everyone has a little dirty laundry... I just like watching these people's on Channel 4"

Desperate Housewives series 2

I know it's not macho but damn I do love those desperate housewives and I for one am very glad that they are back on UK TV this month... Although I plan to be 'doing' series one again if my own lovely desperate housewife gets me the DVD box set for my B'day!

Series 2 kicked off well last week and I'll be hooked each week again - DH and Surface are the only two shows I'm catching every episode of - although Life On Mars is proving diverting too.

Teri Hatcher as Susan is my fav housewife - but Gabrielle gets some of the best lines like:

"The only person more self-centred than me is Carlos,
he's so self-centred he doesn't even know how self-centred I am."

"She can certainly wear a mean pair of jeans..."

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1 comment:

rach said...

It's certainly nice to have them back but i've got to admit that so far I've found series 2 a little tame compared to 1. There's just less happening and less comedy too. Hope it gets better. (needless to say i'm still hooked!)