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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Matt's Top Games of 2005

"The 'stunningly lifelike' solid silver award for best game 2005 goes to..."

I found it really hard to choose an outright winner from the games I've spent far too much time playing in 2005... so in an outrageous cop out here are my top ten but in no particular order except by format as each has its own distinctive merits and ate many hours...

On the PC:

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War: Winter Assault
- how to make the best RTS war game even better? Just add this expansion pack!!

The Movies
- This is the game that the Sims etc have wanted to become - lights camera action...

On the PS2:


- Hunting down scumbags in a warzone for cash rewards (dressed as Han Solo - yes please!)

Burnout Revenge
- More high octane thrills and spills than you can shake a can of nitrous boost at.

- Yee Haa, I'm a cowboy and I'll freakin blow you to kingdom come.

On the PSP:
So many cool games but highlights have to be...

- Pure addiction that lasts longer than you'd ever have thought!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
- The 'daddy' of handheld games, this is an awesome game, just amazing...

The Lord of the Rings: Tactics
- Hunting hobbits as a black rider = highly fulfilling pastime!!

On the DS:

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
- Same again but with added cool new units and features? Yes...

On the humble GBA:

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
- From the makers of Advance Wars comes fantasy strategy joy in a little box.

On the XBox?
Um, move along here, there's nothing to see... there wasn't anything that I played to death - I guess Fable? but mostly a host of PS2 ports in the main with slightly better graphics, lets just hope the 360 gets some better games or I can see it getting squished by the PS3!!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing on the XBox? Man, Project Gotham Racing has had me hooked forever (second place only to GTA:San Andreas on the PS2), then there's Brothers in Arms (not sure if that was on the XBox first), and I've just become grappled by Forza Motorsport.

Anonymous said...

I would add Shadow of the Colossus and We Love Katamari for PS2 to your list - for being two of the most unique and all engrossing one-player experiences in years. Agree on the XBox title shortage, they need better and more frequent games to *really* compete.

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