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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Casino Royale Review: Best Bond Ever

Casino Royale (12a)
Dir. Martin Campbell

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

For the 21st time, the names still Bond, James Bond…

Yes Britain’s smoothest export is back in cinemas this week, blonder, tougher and steelier eyed than you might expect but he’s lost none of his macho charm, sophisticate charisma or woman killing eye for a foxy minx. In a nutshell, Casino Royale is Bond getting to do what he does best – getting the girl, killing the baddies and saving the entire planet.

Much has been speculated about new Bond Daniel ‘Layer Cake’ Craig and his ability to adequately step into the impeccably tailored tux recently vacated by Pierce Brosnan. Well, let me say one thing straight away… Craig delivers over and above the call of Queen and Country, and what’s more he pulls off the near impossible feat of making Bond an almost credible entity in our post-modern world.

Director Campbell (who also made Goldeneye) easily trumps his earlier Bond effort with this grittier, darker and altogether more satisfying tale of the super spy’s first major mission. After a breakneck early chase that will leave even the hardest adrenalin junkie gasping for breath, the plot serves up a deliciously high stakes scenario pitting Bond against worldwide terrorist banker Le Chiffre (played by Mads Mikkelsen). And speaking of delicious, Bond babes are taken to a whole new level of gorgeousness by treasury agent Vesper Lynd (the jaw droppingly hot Eva Green).

From the knowing in jokes about Martinis - asked if he likes it shaken or stirred Bond replies: “Do I look like I give a damn?” and several close encounters with Aston Martins, through to the origins of Bond’s misogynistic use of women as playthings, it’s all cracking and compulsive stuff. The centrepiece of the film is an updated high stakes Texas hold ‘em poker game at Casino Royale, shot through with dark undercurrents and violent interludes, you’ll never see a more tense game of cards. And for my money, none of the previous super-villain’s with all their lasers and gadgets have been able to inflict as much pain on Bond as he experiences here both physical and emotional. I must warn men that you might want to cross your legs in anticipation of the naked Bond torture scene; it’s enough to bring tears to your eyes!

So, if you’ve ever enjoyed a Bond movie or are just looking for a great night out, it’s true what might have heard… Blondes do it better…

Darkmatters rating system (out of 5):

Action öööö - Quality and unexpectedly brutal
Laughs ööö – Some really funny moments
Horror ööö – Bond's gonads take a horrible beating!
Babes ööööö – Eva Green is uber babe

Overall öööö (Best Bond Ever!?)

"Eva Green... reaches the places other Bond girls cannot"

Darkmatters: H O M E

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the review! i will see it this weekend for sure

Bina007 said...

You can see a more tense poker game in the movie ROUNDERS! Craig was fine but this movie was a damp squib. Who needs a post-modern Bond? That's what we have Jason Bourne for...

Anonymous said...

what a mess of a motion picture. very boring - and did you notice the strange eyes of Daniel Craig ? he must have had a mongolian ancestor. frightening. the villain the same. where are we, in Russia ?

Roxy said...
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