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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Inbetweeners Series 3

Inbetweeners Series 3 (18)
 Dir. Ben Palmer (eps 1 -5), Damon Beesley & Iain Morris (ep 6 ‘The Camping Trip)

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

If you have yet to witness the trailblazing cultural comedy phenomenon that is the multi award-winning ‘Inbetweeners’ – you’re in for a treat.
Even if you’re an avid follower – you should be excited about the third, hotly anticipated and much enjoyed series hitting DVD fresh from its run on e4.

The Inbetweeners is all about four friends, Will McKenzie (Simon Bird), Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas), Jay Cartwright (James Buckley) and Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison). We join them as they try hopelessly to navigate their way through school sixth form, with their male hormones running riot. Looking cool, impressing girls and generally ‘having a laugh’ is their mission and it is a full on bittersweet blast watching the hilarious results.

"you'll love it"

Will is the show's narrator – having to cope with his parents’ divorce and being moved from a privileged posh private school to the Sixth Form at Rudge Park Comprehensive School. Series 3 kicks off with Will going on a double date with Simon, Tara (Hannah ‘little sister of Kara’ Tointon ) Simon’s new girlfriend), and Tara's friend, ‘Big’ Kerry who has a reputation for orally pleasuring her boyfriends. Things don’t go well – but that’s the deal for the Inbetweeners who channel pretty much every embarrassing, painful and just plain wrong experience that teenage boys have to deal with to superb comic effect. Things don’t get a lot better for Will in this final series – but hey – at least he’s got a fantastically attractive MILF mum (Belinda Stewart-Wilson – giving 39 year old women everywhere hope of becoming the lust objects for a new generation of teens).

Series 3 sees Simon in love with cool new girl Tara – even though he still harbours feelings for his life-long crush Carli D’Amato (Emily Head) whilst Jay is still just as obsessed with sex, lying about his conquests and dishing out questionable 'advice' to his friends. Things come to a head when Simon's parents tell him that the whole family are moving to Swansea in a couple of weeks – leaving him distraught as he will have no mates and never see Carli again. Finally there’s Neil who in Series 3 finds out that he might have got a girl pregnant, enjoys the most cringe worthy 18th Birthday ever and dispenses classic gaming advice along the lines of “Wii’s are for girls and children – should have got a PS3!”.
"Simon's new girlfriend"

The series rips along in the same vulgar, hilarious manner as the first two and comes packing some megaton unforgettable scenes. The extras are great too – especially seeing the out-takes and deleted scenes, listening to the commentaries and watching the funny video diaries. There’s enough Inbetweener genius in the extras to make this disc a ‘must buy’ even if you’ve only just finished watching the series on TV!

From Simon’s all time classic ‘wardrobe malfunction’ whilst taking part in the school fashion show, to Will trying desperately to live down being the ‘kid who shat himself in the exam’, via Jay’s problem with self-abuse / his dog’s attentions and Neil’s incontinence when drunk – Series 3 is the Inbetweeners at their messy, gross out and hilarious best.

With friends like these you might squirm at the balls-out situations they find themselves in but you’ll never laugh alone!

Overall: Darkmatters rating: ööööööööö (9 high school high jinks out of 10)

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