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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bite Me ... for the last time Blade Trinity Film Review

Blade: Trinity (15)

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Blade, the daywalker - half man, half vampire – all hero, with the strengths of both species and the weaknesses of neither. How we marvelled at his stylish action packed first film in ‘98. Then we thrilled at the darker, bloodier follow up Blade 2 just a couple of years ago. Now the final majestic climax of the trilogy is here and it’s not all that unfortunately. Yes, Wesley Snipes is back doing his ‘look mean and don’t say much’ routine but gone is any of the tension or horror… What we get instead is a heavy dose of action comedy. Admittedly it wasn’t what I was expecting but I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy it, just that I feel that Blade deserved a better send off than Trinity which even when not playing for laughs is the weakest of the 3 films.
The toilet humour and averagely cool action will undoubtedly play well with teenage boys (hence the 15 not 18 certificate) – the other attraction being the introduction of Jessica Biel who manages to look good whilst kicking much vampire butt. My feelings for Biel are similar to those I have for Blade: Trinity – passing admiration but no real respect. She always looks a little sad on screen and I think I know why… I think it’s because she’ll never be quite as cool or sexy as Jennifer Garner (Alias, Elektra) and that’s why she gets to exhibit embarrassing Apple ipod product placement rather than do anything more memorable.
So Trinity tells the tale of Blade being set up for murder, having to deal with new sidekicks the ‘Nightstalkers’ (Biel and Ryan Reynolds who does most of the funny stuff) and of course having a one on one fight with Dracula himself. Dracula here by the way looks very cool and menacing in his battle armour / CGI monster guise but about as scary or sinister as Wane Rooney in human form. There’s only one person to blame and that’s David S. Goyer who wrote all three films and was allowed to direct this one. If you’re just looking for some undemanding man vs monster violence Blade: Trinity will suffice, just try not to think of how much cooler it could have been.

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