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Friday, December 24, 2004

Matt Adcock's Worst Films of 2004

As wise turkey say... "there can be no true pleasure without pain!" and as I tuck into second helpings of her suculent breast meat - I have to say that I agree (hope she didn't suffer too much but I deem the pleasure she's bringing is worth it)...

And so it was that even in 2004 - which has been a great year for films, some film efforts just did not ring my bells and the top 5 for me were:

5. Paycheck (John Woo)
Ben Affleck even joked about how he wanted to get his ticket money back when he saw it - and he's the star...

4. Along Came Polly (John Hamburg)
Extra marks deducted because I liked his last films - Zoolander and Meet the Parents

3. Connie and Carla (Michael Lembeck)
Nia Vardalos must be stopped before she perpetrates any further crimes against cinema - her first being My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2. Exocist: The Beginning (Renny Harlin)
This guy is a hackmeister and this film sucks satan's ass

And yet - least favourite by a steaming mile is:

1. The Polar Express (Robert Zemeckis)
This just made me physically ill despite its cutting edge animation and impressive imagery...

If a strange man asks you to get on a train with him in the middle of the night,
just say "no"...

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