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Friday, December 31, 2004

Not Alone In Hating Polar Express

The guys at CHUD.com are right on the money when it comes to Polar Express...

(CHUD Review)
My therapist says it would be a good idea for me to write about this movie, especially since I still start crying every time I hear a train go by. That makes commuting on the subway tough.

It takes a special man to make an animated film about the corpses of people getting on a train to take a disjointed and creepy ride to the North Pole, only to discover that Santa's Workshop is really a giant industrial complex airlifted in from the Eastern Bloc and the elves are enslaved Hebrews.
That man is Satan.

Dave's Take: Even as a kid I always kinda thought those Rankin-Bass Christmas specials had mildly disturbing animation (the Winter Warlock always freaked me out), but I sincerely doubt this film will become nearly as endearing over the ages.

Nick's Take: I get all the poorly rendered Tom Hanks I need in my nightmares, thank you.

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