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Monday, December 27, 2004

Matt Adcock's Top Games 2004

"in the zone"

Yes - another 'best of' list - this time it's my top 5 games I've wasted countless hours of my life playing this year... "It's part of being a good parent would be my only excuse" - apart from the fact that I don't let my kids anywhere near games like GTA: San Andreas...

5. Burnout 3: Takedown
The words "oh just one more go" were often heard in our household this year - crash mode rocks!!

4.Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
A life eating addiction to smacking a little ball very hard... But beating my father in law 19-0 at skins (we halved the last hole) was a highlight!!

3. Killzone
"Ask only that you survive the day" - but what a adrenaline packed day it will be 'in the zone' - screenshot above!!

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
This 'kill em up' is a thing of beauty, being a gangsta is just so much fun - criminal!!

1. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
A strategic battle game that looks cute but is more addictive than crack!!

My console of choice is the trusty PS2, yes I've got an Xbox as well but the only game I've been tempted by for it this year was Halo 2...

My computer game habit has began the day I won a ZX Spectrum at my school fair back in the '80s...
At various times since then I have played TI99, C64, Amiga, Snes, Megadrive, Jaguar, Saturn, PS1, PS2 and then I won an Xbox from an online survey... And of course I've been a long term conscript to Command & Conquer plus other strategic PC games.

Tragic I know - but roll on Playstation 3 all the same!!

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