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Monday, July 18, 2005

Film Review: Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers (15)
Dir. David Dobkin

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together to witness the joining of this man and woman in matrimony and, um it seems maybe that man (whoever he is) and this bridesmaid and that other guy who definitely wasn’t on the invite list with that lovely young lady… Yes, this is Wedding Crashers, the loved up and outrageous new comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn where no bridesmaid is safe!
The ‘art’ of wedding crashing (inviting yourself to a wedding with the sole intention of pulling one or more of the women guests) has some strict rules that apply. Firstly: ‘Make sure she’s single’ - this is one that Wilson ignores to his peril when he meets and falls for the gorgeous Claire (Rachel McAdams), daughter of the powerful US Senator William Cleary played by Christopher Walken.
The next rule is ‘Never use your real name’ – although this can get messy if you actually find yourself in love with the object of your affection. But above all else is the rule ‘Never leave a fellow crasher behind’ – and in a true Black Hawk Down style moment this is the one that drags Vaughn into the clutches of the ‘hot but psychotic’ Gloria, a complete nympho played by a believably unhinged Isla Fisher (Walkern’s other daughter)…
Wedding Crashers is unapologetically a bloke’s film - the ‘sharking’ behaviour of the two ‘heroes’ is the height of immoral womanising but it is also very funny. And, unlikely as it may seem, their actions are positively honourable compared to Chaz (a hilarious cameo by Will Ferrell) who is regarded as the ‘master wedding crasher’ – a man so lacking moral fibre that he has progressed to crashing funerals in order to pick up weeping widows…
Wedding Crashers is raunchy, bawdy and laugh out loud funny. Scenes like the ‘helping hand’ Vaughn gets from Gloria under the dinner table whilst the whole family are present or the unforgettable night he has to spend tied up in his bed are liable to become comedy cult classics. Wilson and Vaughn bounce off each other well enough to hold your attention throughout and did I mention that the women are all gorgeous (even Jane ‘Dr. Quinn’ Seymore proves that 50 year olds can still steal scenes).So if you’re fed up with dull wedding speeches and dry cake – why not invite yourself to see Wedding Crashers for a good night out, just don’t necessarily expect to be going home with any of the cinema staff…
Darkmatt Rating: ööö (what's a hot chick like you doing at wedding like this? Oh... getting married...)

"Caution - sweeping attractive females off their feet can lead to stalking"

"but some females are almost certainly worth the risk!"

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