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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Matt Adcock meets Rocky (well Sylvester Stallone)

Matt Adcock meets Rocky (well Sylvester Stallone)

So there I am, in a London hotel awaiting a legend, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation about this encounter… This is no mere mortal, this is Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion himself and even more than that, this is John J. Rambo, this is Lieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti, this is Judge Dredd… erm, this is the bloke who remade ‘Get Carter’ – hey, you can’t win em all I guess!?

But with his most famous creation ‘Rocky’ now back on the big screen for one last time I ask him how it feels?

Sly: “It's been a fantastic revival of my life," he says “It's humbling to see how Rocky has affected so many people over the years. People have always related to Rocky because it’s a pretty universal dream to rise up and take your best shot at life, no matter what obstacles are in the way. You might not totally be successful but at least you had the chance.”

So why did you want to bring Rocky back for one last bout?

Sly: “I wanted to bring the character to a final and noble conclusion. Plus I overheard one of my daughters telling her friend who had asked ‘what does you dad do?’ that I was a golfer!”

That’s funny – tell me more about filming Rocky Balboa?

Sly: “In this one Rocky is literally back where he was at the beginning, all alone, except he has lost his naiveté. He's very worldly. There's a certain calm about him. He carries himself with a weight on his shoulders but with that also comes a kind of enlightenment.
“That last run up the steps was a very emotional time for me. It’s like a 30-year journey – everything I’ve ever had in my life, everything that I’ll accomplish that is really worthy, is done. And I’m looking at the city; the sun is going down, and I think ‘At least you did it. You got here. You ended it. In the snow, on the steps in Philadelphia. Perfect, thank you Lord.’”

And is this really the end for Rocky now – were you planning to kill him off?

Sly: “There will not be any more Rocky films. He has left his legacy and that is over after this film. Yeah sure I was thinking he might get to die in the ring but then I figured that audiences would go home depressed so we didn’t do that.”

Are you happy with the end result?

Sly; “Yeah, I think the film’s as good as Rocky. I am very proud of it. And I think the people who have been so supportive and loyal will be happy with the final chapter in Rocky Balboa's life.”

What about Rambo – is he getting a final explosive showdown?

Sly: “I have signed up to do a final Rambo (will be called ‘Rambo 4:Pearl of the Cobra’) – but you know, I have little
aspirations about acting after that. I wouldn’t mind a nice Mafioso part though if you know what I mean?”
That’s a nice thought – the Italian Stallion as the new Godfather… And with that he’s off and all I can say it that if you’ve ever enjoyed a Rocky film – make sure you see the final chapter because Rocky Balboa is a great send off to a screen icon!

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