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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Matt Adcock meets Jessica Alba

"Oh man, second time in the company of the hottest woman on the planet..."

Matt Adcock meets Jessica Alba

When I heard that the cast were coming over to London to promote the new Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie, I was a happy man. Mostly because I might get the chance to spend some time with Jessica Alba – the woman voted winner of FHM Magazine’s ‘100 Sexiest Woman of the 2007’.
And so after catching the new Fantastic Four film and marvelling at the amazing Silver Surfer, in walks Miss Alba, wearing a cool pinstripe dress and we get down to business.

Matt: Hi Jessica, how was it returning to the role of Invisible Woman?

Jessica: “In the first film I was trying to figure it out and stay as close to the comic book as possible. Now I already knew the character so had lots of freedom.”

Matt: And how was it working with the super cool Silver Surfer in the new movie?

Jessica: “Well, he’s just this amazing physical specimen – he’s not only this silver, sinewy, muscle-y guy, but he’s also innocent. He’s very interesting because he’s so misunderstood.”

Matt: He seemed to have a soft spot for Invisible Woman in the film?

Jessica: “Yeah, I love that my character has a connection with him, because she’s maternal and has great feminine instincts. The boys are so raw and their ready to fight and pass judgement when they feel something is threatening the universe, whereas Sue tries to look past the situation and see something beyond the obvious.”

Matt: What did you think of the team’s car?

Jessica: “The Fantasticar is amazing. They took this car to such a new level – it really looks futuristic and totally cool.”

Matt: How do you feel about the action figures of your character?

Jessica: “It’s completely surreal. But I love it, my family especially have collected the dolls which is nice.”

"The costume... nice and tight!"

Matt: What about the costume? Did you get to keep one?

Jessica: “No, I haven’t got my Invisible Woman suit and to be honest I don’t think I want one – it’s just too tight!”

Matt: I’d say that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but finally how would you rate your comic book experience this time?

Jessica: “There’s an amazing fan loyalty and the comic book fans have specific ideas of how exactly how they’d like to see things portrayed. There is nothing better though than when a little girl comes and looks up to you because you’re their hero.”

"It's the car, chicks dig the car..."

You can catch Jessica as Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is in cinemas this week.

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