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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Amber Heard - New film hottie on the scene...

amber heard sexy
"she's got the looks... and her film career is taking off - hold tight!?"

 Amber Heard - smokin hot!!A friend asked me the other day when I was going to post some new 'film babe shots' - I said "as soon as I came across a new hottie worth taking notice of..."

I think you'll agree that Amber Heard fits that bill quite well!?

Catch the delectable miss Heard this Summer in:
Horror flick - All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

amber heard hot skimpy

or in drama flick -
 H O M E
Day 73 with Sarah

or in comedy flick -
The Beautiful Ordinary (which also features previous 'Darkmatters babes of note' - Leighton Meester and Marne Patterson)amber heard sex
"These shots are the from the short lived 'Hidden Palms' which tried to replace the O.C."
amber heard sexiness
As Cmndt. Eric Lassard would say in Police Academy:
"I think this picture speaks for itself!!"
amber heard porn
"Not sure who that bloke is in the background... nice hair mate..."


These great shots of Amber and her sister can be found here

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"And soon the darkness - quality acting!"

amber heard bikini sexy
"Amber Heard can sunbathe with the best of them!"

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Very bipable!!