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Saturday, June 09, 2007

PS3 breaks million sold landmark in Europe

"PS3 going faster than 'hot cakes' over here - can't imagine why they are selling so well!?"

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 has passed the million sales mark in PAL territories, which include Europe and Australia.

Nice work Sony - and this is before the year's 'big games' come out...

The PS3 has taken ten weeks to pass the million mark. According to Sony the company had shipped 1.62 million units and Reeves confirmed the one million figure was sold to consumers rather then to retail, he exlained:

“Early last week we went through the one million mark on PS3. And we did that in nine and a half weeks. That was faster than both PS2 and PSOne. And I think that the analysts out there will also realise that it’s faster than our brothers and sisters in the competitive world.”

That means that the PlayStation 3 has confirmed sales of 910,737 in Japan to June 3 and 1,276,000 in the US to May 5, so with the PAL million, that means there have been 3,186,737 PS3s sold worldwide...

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