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Friday, October 24, 2008

Are we human? Or are we Dancer?

The Killers are back... but are they Human?

I am a massive fan of The Killers (click here for their site: http://www.thekillersmusic.com/)

And it is with excitement that I anticipate their new album 'Day and Age' which hits next month.

First single 'Human ' is a stomper here's the unofficial youtubetastic rendition (which doesn't have the video):

"My sign is vital. My hands are cold"

My best guess at what their going on about with the 'are we human, or are we dancer?' lyrics is that they must be inspired by the loony / genius Hunter S. Thompson who once wrote about how America was raising "a generation of dancers".

But I could be wrong... Anyway - I managed to bag tickets to their London O2 February 24th show which has made me very very happy!?

As a Christian I am drawn to the line in 'Human' that says "I'm on knees, looking for the answer" - have been there many times... good stuff...

"this is the day and age..."

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