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Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 - year of the Tyrannosaur

2011 - year of the 'Tyrannosaur'?

Darkmatters has a lot of love for Brit actor Paddy 'Dead Man's Shoes' Considine and so it is with baited breath that we awaire his first feature behind the camera - Tyrannosaur - which hits the UK this year.

Tyrannosaur has already been described as "a tour de force propelled by the sheer intensity of its performances and storytelling" which sounds spot on. 
Here's the blurb from Sundance where the film is screening:

Joseph (Peter Mullan), a tormented, self-destructive man plagued by violence, finds hope of redemption in Hannah (Olivia Colman), a Christian charity-shop worker he meets one day while fleeing an altercation. Initially derisive of her faith and presumed idyllic existence, Joseph nonetheless returns to the shop and soon realizes that Hannah's life is anything but placid. As a relationship develops, they come to understand the deep pain in each other's lives.

An unconventional love story, Tyrannosaur transcends its bleak circumstances through Joseph and Hannah's vigorous impulse toward redemption. Shouldering the weight of burdened lives with great humanity and a deep understanding of our capacity to heal, Mullan and Colman deliver two of the most outstanding performances of the year. Considine's portrait of these two lost souls, bloody but unbowed, is a devastating and profoundly beautiful experience.

Tyrannosaur is based on some of the characters found in Considine's short film Dog Altogether... it should be fascinating to see the director exploring the violence and rage driven, self destructive nose dive of the human soul - and see what redemptive elements can be found.

"I'm a glass half full kind of guy..."

Paddy can next be seen in front of the camera in Submarine in just over month. And if you haven't seen Dead Man's Shoes... you really need to!

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