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Monday, January 11, 2021

Matt meets The Wolf Master of Iron Mountain (review)

The Wolf Master of Iron Mountain (The Witch of Appalachia Book 1) 

Francesca Quarto  (@FrancescasMagic)

Reviewed by Matt Adcock (@Cleric20)

‘My father was a Celtic Mage, a wizard, by any other name, a practitioner of Magic. He was versed in the secret arts of the ancient mystics and the healing powers of the Green Mother.’ 

Meet Cathleen O'Brien – a 24year old who hails from an Irish immigrant family. Along with her dog Ollie, she as something else that sets her apart from others, her father inducted her a clan of Celtic Mages with Magical roots going back to the Dark Times. So not your average young woman… 

After she is left some money, Cathleen takes over WHIP Radio, a station serving the remote ex-mining town of ‘Iron Mountain.’ It quickly becomes apparent though that something isn’t right amongst the old Appalachian town’s populace. Before long, an uneasy and slightly sinister vibe hangs over this beautiful mountain setting and Cathleen seems to be drawn into the mix. A late-night confrontation with a roaming gang of wolves is just the start of this adventure… 

'beware the woods'

Could it be something to do with the stories of how town folk and visitors often disappear off the local trail? When Cathleen investigates, she discovers the hunky town sheriff, Jason who seems very keen to help. Together they work to uncover the secrets behind the shadow of violence that hangs over the town. The historic Indian Folklore about werewolves in the area seems like it might be pertinent. However, there are things that make Cathleen wonder if her trust and attraction for Jason are a mistake. Might he be the ‘Wolf Master’ and if so what is his plan? 

The fantasy elements are handled really nicely – with shaman and giants in the cast along with monsters… The romance is zippy enough to not get your hackles up if you are worried it might all be a bit Twilight? Cathleen’s Celtic Mage background and powers are fascinating – in a Spiderman-like way she lives a mostly normal life, keeping her talents hidden. But what if she’s not alone in hiding beyond human powers – who can she trust as the body count rises along with the danger… 

Wolf Master of Iron Mountain is a very readable book that should appeal to all readers from young adult upwards and would make for a great TV show!!

Out of a potential 5 - you have to go with a Darkmatters:

ööööö (5 - A fantasy trip worth taking!) 

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