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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Crow: Wicked Prayer... will it suck?

"see my face... do I look happy about this going straight to DVD?"

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

So the 4th Crow movie will finally see the light of day but on the small screen rather than the cinema. It's been 10 years since the original (and best) Crow which blasted Alex Proyas onto the 'directors to watch' list and tragically put the very talented Brandon Lee in an early grave...
The story this time sees Edward Furlong slapping on the face make up and beating the crap out of the satanically misguided bad guys but apparently is more "spiritual" in nature. Some Native American mythos has been added to the ever growing mythology of this franchise... Am just hoping it won't suck too much!!
Here's how I rank the Crow movies so far (out of 5):

The Crow ('94)
Darkmatt Rating: ööööö

The Crow: City of Angels ('96)
Darkmatt Rating: ööö

The Crow: Salvation ('00)
Darkmatt Rating: ööö

and the TV series - The Crow: Stairway to Heaven ('98)
Darkmatt Rating: ö

Any Crow fans out there - let me know your thoughts...


avRAGEjoe said...

The first Crow film is definitely the best, but I have a soft spot having been there when it was filmed. The second film was just plain horrible. Salvation was pretty good, I thought. I have high hopes for this new one, but we'll see. Oh, and I actually really liked the TV series for what it was.

Matt Adcock said...

Yeah - I just couldn't get into the 'violence free, TV production values' TV series but I liked the first 2 sequels - City of Angels purely on a matter of 'style over substance'!! and Salvation as an 'good but not great' entry to the Crow cannon... Fingers crossed for film 4...

freaker126 said...

Brandon Lee is such a wasted talent.

Anonymous said...

I only seen the first crow. Alex Proyas direction was great but i couldn't get in to it.