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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Matt Adcock meets Katie Holmes

Matt Adcock meets Katie Holmes

The ballroom of the Dorchester Hotel in London has been turned into a dark, gothic London skyline – Big Ben stands proud against and orange sky, which is all but obscured by a huge cloud of bats. I get to quickly munch a bat logo shaped ‘batcookie’ whilst waiting for Katie Holmes – who plays tough talking, no nonsense Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins.

So, Were you a fan of Batman before doing Batman Begins?

Katie: I grew up watching the movies and saw re-runs of the television show. I didn’t read the comic books as a little girl. That was the extent of my familiarity.

And what did you think of the previous films?

Katie: Did I like them? Yeah! I was so excited to be a part of this movie. It’s a great role; in fact it’s an honour to be in such a massive movie like this.

What did you like about the character of Rachel?

Katie: I really enjoyed playing her; I loved her strength and her integrity. She is very hard on Bruce (Wayne), because she can’t understand why her best friend isn’t more concerned about the crime and corruption that are overtaking Gotham City.

(Matt: Obviously she doesn’t know what he’s getting up to at night!)

Katie: At one point she says to Bruce “it’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.” That line defines who she is – the type of person that wants to make the world a better place.

There has been a massive amount of media attention about your love life recently, how are you coping with it all?

Katie: I am so happy right now. I’m in love. I met the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier. I met Tom (Cruise) and I fell in love...what can I say? The media reaction, all that stuff...I really don’t care.

So, are you thinking of getting into Scientology like Tom is?

Katie: Yes, I am and I’m excited about it.

How about maybe starring in a movie with Tom?

Katie: No there aren’t any plans right now. It would be an honour.

Finally, I heard that you might be considering the part of Wonder Woman… Is that true?

Katie: Well I have nothing to report progress wise on that role but she is a ‘wonderful’ character! I was part of the majority of little girls that loved Wonder Woman.

And so with a great mental picture of Katie in the Wonder Woman costume, I leave, but not before having a quick go on the new Batman Begins Playstation 2 game, picking up my batbag of goodies and a chocolate brownie which has the bat logo cut into it. Warner Brothers are certainly pulling out all the stops to promote this film and I’m pleased report that Batman Begins is a stunning return to form for the Bat franchise, enjoy!!

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Rev. Manny Festo said...

Oh, Katie. I think I'll go watch The Gift again...

Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of a stretch to call her an "actress." She plays the same role in every movie/show; a role very similiar to who she is in real life. I like Dawson's, I like Go, but I don't see any diversity, making me think she's just earnestly being herself. Her biggest role will be playing a gay man's wife for the rest of her life!

Anonymous said...

Do you really interview these people or are they 'pinched' from other websites?!
If its part of your job that's amazing!

Matt Adcock said...

Oh yee of little faith... I only post interviews with stars that i've actually met - some are one to ones, others at press conferences etc where you take it in turn to ask questions - it's more a hobby than a job but boy is it fun!!