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Friday, June 24, 2005

Darkmatters Fiction: Victim Marker and Darkmatter


by Matt Adcock

Senior Scientific Officer Goldiing takes to the floor of the halls of debate in the GOV parliament battle fortress's recently extended 'Deathmask Blair' wing. In attendance is the Grand Information Controller Manu Doyyle and several information and guard bots from various envoys including Razour's.

A record beam fires up and bathes Goldiing in its eerie blue glow. Goldiing looks uncomfortable and strangely 'alien' with the beam reflecting from his polished head.
"If I may begin? Please forgive me if this is overly basic but as I understand it, I have been asked to outline the co-relation between my work on the Victim Marker bio weapon programme and the Dark Matter study taking place by the L2DMC. From the data kindly made available by the DMC, I can tell you that despite our best attempts to discover exactly what our universe is made up of, we have still to determine the make up of over 90% of the 'matter' out there. This has led to us coining the phrase 'Dark Matter' in order to describe this mass - which cannot be detected using our existing technology because it simply fails to emit any light at all. Basically if this 'stuff' cannot be seen directly, why should we believe that it exists? Well, I'm no astro-physicist, but I know that its presence is inferred indirectly from the motions of astronomical objects, specifically stellar, galactic, and galaxy cluster/supercluster observations. And in addition, potential Dark Matter 'candidates' are often split into two broad categories - Hot Dark Matter (Baryonic) and Cold Dark Matter (Non-Baryonic) - these determined on their 'likely' respective masses and speeds."

Doyyle intervenes: "Officer Goldiing, please can we get to the point?"

"Erm, yes, apologies Controller, of course. Well, my access to the L2DMC's arcuter (which as you're probably aware was commissioned with an extensive study into the central surface brightness distribution of galaxies in the maxx csex~2 range) allowed me to presuppose what an isotope linked to Hot Dark Matter (HDM) might consist of. Without being too technical about it, this form of HDM isotope is a chemical element whose nuclei have similar atomic numbers to a high probability magnet projection, but totally different atomic masses. This was how I isolated its unique form and mapped to it the genetically created, concentrated fear and rage pheromone - 'IcKIL'. The resulting 'super isotope' is not only a miracle of existence because it is the first physical evidence that Dark Matter can exist in reality. But also of potential significant military use under the Victim Marker programme."

"Officer Goldiing - I think you need to speak in simpler terms please. I'm not sure that I'm following your working here..."

"Thank you, I will... In the simplest terminology I can use...

I have created an isotope made of Hot Dark Matter.

It can be used to 'mark' an individual creature or human without their knowledge - and any creature 'marked' with the isotope immediately becomes a victim or target inasmuch as every living thing that they go near will react to the isotopes' IcKIL infection and attack them.

They will not stop until the victim is dead, torn apart, mutilated and in many cases the attackers will eat parts of the victim and / or smear their body parts over their faces in a frenzy of unstoppable bloodlust!!

It is the perfect weapon - it could make you kill me right now and you wouldn't even know why you were doing it!

Ha, imagine, live on record beam you would rip me limb from limb!"

Two guardbots move to restrain Goldiing as he wildly gestures a stabbing motion, the madness in his eyes unnerving.

The Information Controller, looking slightly shaken even behind his powersuit says: "Ah, thank you Officer Goldiing. If I may just clarify one point?"

The scientist turns slowly to look Doyyle in the eye - his stare is cold and unhinged, his voice drops to a guttural growl: "What the fick could be clearer than what I just told you? Do you want to see a live demonstration?"

Now visibly unnerved and sweating Doyyle continues: "So, err, I am right in saying that you have 'created' an element of Dark Matter for this lab based 'weapons programme of yours' - whilst the L2DMC, with their unlimited funding and every cutting edge technology we have are still searching in vain for even a concrete acknowledgement from their machines that Dark Matter exists?"

Goldiing smiles: "See, looks like you were listening."

"Ah, are you absolutely sure it's Dark Matter that you have made? I mean, not to be a stickler but we really don't know what Dark Matter is..."

"Shut - your - fucking - mouth - you - dumb - asshole!
I know, and I have some in my lab, maybe you should err, accompany me there and I'll show it to you?"

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