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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Film Review: Land of the Dead

"too much chlorine in the water... not good the skin!"

Land of the Dead (15)
Dir. George A. Romero

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Well rip my spinal chord out and eat it in front of me if this isn’t Land of the Dead - The 4th part of George A. Romero's zombie quadrillogy… alas despite probably having the largest budget of the series, this is the shuffling weakest by a mile.

Now I’ll freely confess to not be a zombie lover – when it comes to horror zombies are way down my list of favourite monsters but Mr Romero, he freakin loves zombies. In fact in Land of the Dead the zombies are practically the heroes!! At least I found myself rooting for them over the stupid and unlikeable humans…

So what do you get this time round – well the living dead are pretty much in control (no I don’t mean a Tory election triumph), the whole planet is a mass of walking corpses apart from one luxury cityblock ruled by bad man Dennis Hopper.

As might be expected, there’s a great deal of zombie vs human battling, lots of gore and the occasional watchable scene but this really is a disposable film experience with little character development and not even any good scares…

I actually preferred the remake of Dawn of the Dead – go figure.

Darkmatt Rating: ΓΆΓΆ (Land of the Dud)

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"You know a film is duff when even the lovely Asia 'like my tattoo?' Argento can't make it worth watching..."


Wurzel said...

Shame about the film but Asia certainly makes up for it, and with 4 more projects in the pipleine for next year things are looking up, (so to speak).

Anonymous said...

That's the scariest picture, man.

Anonymous said...

Asia's quite the looker, but she's in SO much crap...

Anonymous said...

george a. romero is god, and asia argento is one of the most gorgeous chicks i`ve ever seen.