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Monday, October 24, 2005

First Reaction: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Can't let you read my review of this or the suits at WB will have me 'silenced' but I've seen the 4th Harry Potter film and can't resist telling you a few tit bits...

It's by far the darkest one yet, stepping into horror territory at points.

Sustained menace, certainaly worthy of it's 12 certificate!! Lord Voldemort is deliciously nasty.

It's epic in scale and gorgeous in its use of special effects (dragon chase is superb, mer-people are nicely freaky and the graveyard face off is exactly the right mix of tension, revulsion and excitement!)

And speaking of gorgeous... Hermione turns out to be a real hottie in her Yule Ball gown, and Fleur will certainly generate a host of male admirers...

All in all I was very impressed - and Goblet is my favourite of the books!?

Check back soon for the review but Harry fans get excited because Goblet of Fire delivers big time thrills!!


The goblet of fire constitutes a binding magical contract
- you are duty bound to go and see it on the biggest screen possible!!

Click to watch the trailer again and get yourself in the mood...


Click here for my goblet of fire review


Silent_Bob said...

Woow, can't wait to watch the New Harry Potter movie!
Man, your blog is great!
Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

*gets excited* muchos thanks.

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