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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Simpsons Movie - competition

The movie is out and causing mass global hilarity check review here: http://darkmatt.blogspot.com/2007/07/simpsons-movie-review.html

- so how would you like to bag some exclusive Simpsons Movie merchandise (which you can't buy in the shops)?

Enter the Darkmatter Simpsons Movie competition:

In the movie Homer gets a beloved pet pig and turns him into pet superhero 'Spider Pig' (he does whatever a spider pig does)...

To win some stuff - tell me another cool Simpsons pet superhero that Fox might want to consider for a sequel

e.g. Blinky the three eyed mutant super fish...

Email to: superpets@simpsons-fan.co.uk

Editors decision is final, the funnier / cooler the superpet, the better the prize!

(Prizes include Simpsons watches, lunchboxes, squirt games, kids T shirts and straws... UK residents only amigos)
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1 comment:

Lucy Dee said...

Hey nice to come across your blog. I'm a comedian / movie nut myself. Hey, did you know that they turned a bunch of chain stores here in the US into Kwik E Marts to promote the Simpsons Movies?

And if you're into watching the trailers/previews before they hit the advertising circuit, you should check out:

Dark Horizons.com

Real Movie News.com

The Movie Box.net

Nice coming across your blog!