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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Katrina Bowden - so very hot...

sex bikini katrina bowden ass
"Miss Bowden about to make the leap from small to big screen!"

sexy bikini katrina bowden hot ass
"Bowden looking good in new flick Tucker & Dale vs Evil!"

Katrina Bowden - so very cute, outrageous skimpy costume wearing scene stealer of fun comedy '30 Rock' and the potential hit with red blooded movie goers Ratko: The Dictator's Son (from the director of '80s classic movie Better Off Dead...)

For me it's a 'hard' call between Katrina and the delicious Amber Heard...

I think she has lots of potential!!

sex bikini katrina bowden ass
"Miss Bowden does bikini - looks good from the front!"

sex bikini katrina bowden ass
"And the back!?"

Read my earlier Darkmatters post about miss Bowden (and the 26 hilraious comments on it!):

UPDATE - Katrina has just won the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' award from Esquire magazine (March 2011) - click here for details

But is she as cute as Leighton Meester see below?

leighton_meester-bikini sexy

leighton meester legs spread corset stockings

Or Amber Heard?

Amber Heard sexy legs

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rach said...

She appears to be hovering over the bed?

Anonymous said...

She's super hot! And she finally made homepage on www.chickipedia.com.

dagob said...

Come on guys, she is nt that hot, she has no ass, has no breast, come on, what is hot about that lady?

buddy said...

lol, maby the hottest thing present in those pictures, is the spot she's sitting...

You gotta see the Brazialian Playboy...


sndr world said...

Katrina Bowden fashion images at 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

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