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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

inFAMOUS 2: The Fame Strips

inFAMOUS 2 – ‘The Fame Strips’

‘The power is yours, how you use it is up to you!’

inFAMOUS 2 is kicking super ass on PS3s around the world - with the electric power Cole back in the second chapter of this best selling ‘comicesque’ franchise... Once again the gameplay is unique in giving game-players the chance to shape the game by the choices they make; be it good or bad, every decision has a consequence.

No-one knows the pros and cons of being famous or inFAMOUS more than those in the fickle world of celebrity (musicians, footballers, models, actors and general guys/gals about town).

To celebrate the launch of the new title inFAMOUS 2, PlayStation 3 is behind a unique collaboration between Howard Marks (Mr Nice) and the Godfather of British comics Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD and key writer on Judge Dredd who currently writes graphic novels for Repeat Offenders Ltd, as well as having worked with both DC and Marvel).

The fantasy comic strips, which bring together seven of the world’s freshest comic artists, explore what would happen if some of the world’s favourite celebrities were integrated into the fantasy inFAMOUS world alongside characters of New Marais, allowing them to hold superpowers and the choice to change the world for better or worse.

Pat Mills says “The moral issues that the game brings up are very much the preserve of comic books, and always have been. That and the super powers of the game characters have something of the classic spirit of comic books about them. This project has been a really fun way to play with the morality of the celebrity culture we are so obsessed with. Perhaps most exciting for me has been working with this slate of talented young comic books artist that we are all going to be seeing a lot more of”.

Speaking on the artistic exploration & collaboration Fame & Morality Editor Howard Marks commented “I'm a comic book fan - and I'm no stranger to moral ambiguity - so my involvement in this project is a no-brainer. I'm also really enjoying seeing the best emerging comic book talent doing their thing! Kapow!”

The celebrities were chosen by inFAMOUS fans, celebrity commentators and bloggers for their impact on celebrity culture over the course of the last year.

The seven fantasy strips can be viewed at www.InFamousthefame.com and explore the central theme of comics and much of the gaming world - morality and the choices we make around it. Check them out and see if you can work out who has the power!

inFAMOUS 2: The Fame Strips

click to read!

here's an overview of what the strips have for your viewing pleasure:

Beyonce - Bootylicious Trouble – ‘It’s tough being part of the world’s most influential celebrity couple especially when your famous friends continue to show you up’: illustrated by Barnaby Richards – contributor to cult comics anthology Sturgeon White Moss; Barnaby has worked with Paul Smith and has works featured in a whole host of newspapers – his graphic novel ‘ the Funeral’ has just been published.

Cheryl - Bad Hair Day – ‘We all get them but when you’re in the public eye they are just that bit meaner!’: illustrated by Ellen Lindner; Ellen has published numerous stories in both the UK & US including her own graphic novel Undertow. She is also editor to the ongoing anthology ‘ Whores of Mensa’.

Gary & Friends - ‘Nearly Naughty’ – ‘Temptations of the flesh feature heavily in everyone’s lives - to grab or not to grab that’s always the question!’: COMING SOON!

Justin - ‘ Animal Saviour’ - ‘The UK public are animal crazy what better way to raise your profile than with some pet loving!’: illustrated by Luke Pearson; Luke’s work has appeared in seminal comic book anthology ‘Nobrow’ alongside work for a range of magazines.

Pippa - ‘ Empire Building’ - ‘Sibling jealousy can make you do strange things!’; illustrated by Kate Brown; winner of the prestigious Art Foundation prize, Kate has recently published her graphic novel SelfMadeHero.

Gaga – ‘Down with the kids’ – ‘When is too far too far?’: illustrated by JAKe is one of the UK’s leading illustrators having worked with the likes of Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy and Star Wars. His recent projects include illustrating The Mighty Book of Boosh

Lindsay – ‘Reformed Character’ - ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes but do we ever really change?’: illustrated by Fay Dalton; Fay recently won the Pickled Ink’s Pickled Award and is creating a huge buzz with her very naughty strip ‘Party Girls’ looking at the lives of footballers wives and special friends.

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