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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dynamo - 'My World in Play’

Dynamo stars in a short film to capture ‘My World in Play’

Matt Adcock

Following on from the launch of the PlayStation Vita on 22nd February, two short films by TV award winning magician Dynamo have been released.

Inspired by the ability to play anytime and anywhere, the films give the viewer a glimpse into Dynamo’s magical world where anything is truly possible.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, the first film sees Dynamo putting the PlayStation Vita’s anytime, anywhere functionality to the test, scaling the heights of one of London's most iconic locations -Nelson's column - for a spot of downtime gaming, much to the surprise of his friend!

The second short film captures Dynamo's busy life, always on the move and in demand.   Playing at home on his PlayStation 3 console, Dynamo keeps being interrupted by his management.  Instead of stopping playing, with a touch of Dynamo magic he transforms his PlayStation console into a PlayStation Vita, so he can continue playing on the move.

“I’m a gamer myself and always on the move, so it was great to get a chance to test out the PlayStation Vita and see what I could do with it!” says Dynamo.

The two films by Dynamo follow the release of ‘Our World in Play’ which captured Rizzle Kicks duo Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule, each making their separate ways to one of their gigs, putting the PlayStation Vita through its paces along the way.
The hotly-anticipated PlayStation Vita has gaming at its heart; offering users the best possible portable gaming experience, including WiFi and 3G capabilities, PlayStation 3 quality graphics, touch sensitive front screen and back panel, dual analogue sticks and new ways of social interaction with ‘Near’ and ‘Live Area’  functions.

“PlayStation Vita is an incredible device that offers the best possible portable gaming experiences.  Its revolutionary mix of features combined with social connectivity, deliver a platform for gamers to play games in a whole new way and to connect with their friends and the world around them” says Alan Duncan, Marketing Director, Sony PlayStation.

The Dynamo in the short films are hosted here: 

Rumoured to be a big fan of the PSV:

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