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Monday, February 13, 2012

The UK Gaming Landscape Changes in hours... PSVITA

The PS VITA hits UK on 22.02.12

PlayStation Vita Midnight Opening is TONIGHT!!

The Oxford Street GAME Store will be opening at 00.01 Wednesday, 22nd February to officially launch SONY's new handheld.

Those who brave the London night will be the first to own the PS Vita hours before anyone else, but as an extra bonus, every customer will also receive a £5 PSN voucher code.

But that's not all. SONY will be on hand and are promising a memorable night for all in attendance. VITA buyers will get the chance to go head-to-head with fellow gamers with some special PS Vita challenges, with prizes including GAME PSN vouchers, t-shirts and more...

"Ami Ledger... should be Ami Ledgend!"

There's also an exclusive meet and greet with WipEout 2048 developer Karl Jones, who will be signing copies of this highly-anticipated launch game. Cosplay girl Ami Ledger will also be in attendance for meeting, greeting and signing!

As a special bonus, the first 100 customers in the queue will receive tickets to an EXCLUSIVE after-party at the PS Vita Rooms, located just around the corner on Newman Street.

My world may seem the same as yours...

But it's not!

If the PS VITA was a woman... ?

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