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Monday, February 27, 2006

National SERENITY Day in the UK

"so good... you simply have to Aim to Misbehave!!"

People of the UK rejoice!! Serenity is released on DVD today and it's great...

Even as you're reading this, I've taken the day off work and am watching the DVD...

Mmmm hhhhaaa - sure beats working!!

Click here to read
My Review of Serenity

There are some great extras- including:

  • deleted scenes (with optional commentary)
  • an introduction and feature commentary by Joss Whedon himself
  • outtakes
  • features on the Firefly and 'The Story of Earth That Was'
  • a Summer Glau slow motion naked wrestling featurette*

    "Inara... I'd buy that for a dollar... always handy to have a 'companion' to hand"

    "People of UK... buy our DVD... it will change you life!"

*not really

"Summer lovin... happens so fast etc etc"

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Tom Wade said...

All hail the wonders of Serenity!!
I hear that Joe Sellers had preordered his copy and everything...

Spitting said...

I'm so excited about this DVD can't wait to see it. Firefly was just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy it but then I decided to spend the money on employing somebody to poke me in the eyes and pull out my hair for 2 hours instead.

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